Mental Health: How To Be Kinder Online ?

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Mental Health: How To Be Kinder Online ?

Mental Health Foundation – “Kindness is defined by doing something towards yourself and others, motivated by genuine desire to make a positive difference. We know from the research study (below) that kindness and our mental health are deeply connected.

Research study – What are the health benefits of altruism?

Useful resource – TED Talks: The Choice of Online Kindness.

Chances are you have experienced some form of rudeness or negativity from others while online. In this talk, Danielle Di-Masi discusses what she found as a result of a social experiment and a meeting with the Dalai Lama that could transform our relationships with others.

For more information on Mental Health Week, please visit the Mental Health Foundation website. You can find out more about this year’s theme of ‘Kindness’ and download free resources to help create awareness.

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