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Love Languages For Kids ?

The concept of love languages was introduced by Dr Gary Chapman and the idea is that children (and adults) express and receive love in five different ways.

Chapman says that all of us will have a primary love language – the way that communicates love best to us.

Working out your child’s love language will depend partly on their age.

Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers don’t yet have a primary love language and need to be shown love in lots of different ways, frequently and directly.

If your child is aged five to eight, a bit of detective work will be required to work out their love language as they won’t yet be able to verbalise what it is.

For children aged nine to twelve, again try out different love languages and discover what makes them feel most loved.

With teenagers, chatting about their love language could be a great way to connect together.

Once you think you’ve figured out what your child’s love language is, focus on showing your love for them in that way.

Useful resource – TED Talks video: The language of love

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