Anxiety Coping Mechanism: ‘The Pump Technique’ ?

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Anxiety Coping Mechanism: ‘The Pump Technique’ ?

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress or threat. A hard-wired safety response which is part of the “fight or flight” instinct. When we or someone we care about is at risk, our brain prioritises the danger and focuses its energy on beating it.

Complex thinking processes are shut down to allow us to concentrate on the danger at hand. Meanwhile, signals go out to our body to prepare for action. Our breathing quickens, our heart starts pumping faster, sending more blood to our muscles as we prepare to fight or flee. Both the mind and body adapt in order to give us the best chance of surviving until the danger passes.

Whether it’s fears of going back to work in an office, worries about readjusting to a faster pace after months of slowing down in lockdown, or troubling thoughts about your health, anxiety around the idea of lockdown lifting is totally normal. If you feel anxious, ‘The Pump’ technique is something you can do to help manage anxious thoughts.

Useful resource – TED Talks: How to cope with anxiety

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