Children: Returning Back To Normal After COVID-19 ?

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Children: Returning Back To Normal After COVID-19 ?

No one is certain on what life will truly be like once the coronavirus pandemic is over but it is certain that life won’t return back to normal straight away.

Studies show that only 9% of Britons want life to return back to normal. The lockdown has shown many people a new way of life. People are learning new skills, having more time to themselves and are able to spend more time with family and are seeing how much they take things for granted.

With plans being made to reopen schools for more pupils, as a parent or carer you may feel concerned about your child returning back to normal after COVID-19, especially if they find change difficult to handle.

The infographic attached gives us an understanding of the following:
– Why is going back to normal challenging for some people?
– What’s the difference between normal behaviour and concerning behaviour?
– Supporting a worried child

Useful resource – TED Talks video: Coronavirus is our future

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