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Signs of healthy love:

Healthy love is supportive, emphatic, encouraging, and authentic. You know you’re experiencing healthy love when you can be completely yourself. Healthy love allows you to feel listened to and understood. You want to dedicate time to your loved ones and the feeling is reciprocated.

Signs of unhealthy love:

While there’s no agreed upon list encompassing all behaviours that are unhealthy, anything that makes you feel unhappy, unsafe, out of control, or on edge isn’t healthy. However, there are common situations and feelings that come up in unhealthy relationships.

A few indicators of unhealthy love include:
-The majority of your time together is dedicated to arguments and making up after arguments
-You don’t have time for yourself
-You feel possessive about your partner’s time
-Lose contact with friends and family
-You are made to feel guilty about normal things
-You’re feeling belittled
-There’s a feeling you have to stalk social media to find information about your partner

Useful resource – TED Talks video: The difference between healthy & unhealthy love

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