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Children are no strangers to anger and big emotions, especially in the younger years, before they’ve acquired emotional awareness and control. Anger can make them feel more powerful than the feelings of vulnerability does. Helping a child learn how to thoroughly calm down from a bout of anger is one of the most valuable skills you can teach your child.

Before they can learn to deal effectively with anger, there are three things children need to know. Firstly, they (and parents) need to know that anger is a normal emotion and it’s not something that needs to be avoided or denied. At times, it’s okay to feel angry. Next, they need to learn healthy ways of expressing their anger. For some, this might take the form of physical activity while another child might find it helpful to draw or write about their feelings.

The Anger Volcano is a great tool to use with your child to talk about emotions and work on constructive skills to better regulate them.

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