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Analogy of The Cultural Iceberg:
Icebergs peak over the water, revealing just a small portion of their total mass. Culture is similar in that people at first just see a small portion of a person’s culture based on things such as language, food, clothing, greetings etc. However, these observations comprise just a fraction of a person’s culture. Just like with a physical iceberg, a cultural iceberg contains essential characteristics beneath the surface.

Core Values:
Under the water line of the cultural iceberg are many important components of culture. This includes the ideas, preferences and priorities that comprise individual attitudes and values. A culture’s core values include its understanding of what is wrong and right and good and bad. Core values teach children and adults about the importance and manifestation of honesty, respect, and integrity. However, there may be different situations in which these values may be asserted or interpreted in a different way.

Useful resource – TED Talks video: It’s (past) time to appreciate cultural diversity-

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