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International Day of Peace is an International event that is observed each year by nations all across the world. The event is commemorated on 21st of September each year. It is a day that was set aside by the United Nations General assembly for everyone around the world to devote to keeping peace, despite any differences they may have, as well as play a part in building a peace culture that will last for generations to come.

International Day of Peace was started way back in 1981 through the resolution 36/67 by the United Nations General Assembly, in an effort to reconcile people around the world.

Communities across the world observe this day in different ways. Some observe the day through organising peace workshops, engaging in feasts that bring people together for peace, putting up peace poles, and engaging in peace activities that bring people together. An activity that is common in people observing this day is the one minute silence that is observed at 12 noon across all time zones. This activity was started to create a ‘Peace Wave’ that moves around the globe.

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