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If one has a desire for success at all levels, including one’s mental health, one must first take 100% responsibility and accountability for everything that one experiences, this includes the environment and one’s mental and physical well-being.

Having control is not easy at the best of times, but it is possible regardless of how one may feel while in the clutches of the downs of mental illness. It is achievable, and it is something you can start to work on today!

This ladder is a tool for assessing the current state of accountability in yourself and others.

Just as ladders have ‘rungs’, accountability has levels. Individuals who cling to the bottom of the ladder tend to avoid accountability while those who climb the ladder embrace it. For many, the decision to climb the ladder is a function of the degree to which they feel in control.

Useful resource – @TED Talks video: The courage to live with radical uncertainty –

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