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Major study by University College London lays bare scale of mental health crisis.

Researchers asked more than 10,000 17-year-olds a series of questions about their mental wellbeing.

The research was conducted last year, before the pandemic struck, meaning the situation is likely to have deteriorated further since.

Study co-author Professor Emla Fitzsimons said: ‘This is the first evidence to emerge on the prevalence of attempted suicide among 17-year-olds across the UK, and the finding that one in 15 had self-harmed with suicidal intent is alarming’.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic has since occurred, and the additional pressure this brings to bear on a generation already facing major mental health issues is hugely concerning.’

NHS research released last month indicated that lockdown was exacerbating the child mental health crisis.

Three years ago one in nine children and teenagers were classified as probably having a mental disorder, but the figure is now one in six.

Credit: UCL
Credit: Daily Mail

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