ADHD Specialist Independent Prescriber (Adults or CAMHS)

CAMHS Professionals are currently recruiting for full-time/part-time locum Non-Medical Prescribers specialising in Adult/CAMHS ADHD.


About the position: 
This position will be working within the private sector.

This role involves:

  • Prescribe effective, appropriate, safe & cost-effective medications acknowledging your own limitations and scope of practice.
  • Provide, as part of treatment titration, ongoing assessment, treatment and management of all patients accepted from the internal waiting list onto your own caseload.
  • Provide direct clinical judgement and treatment decisions using highly developed skills and knowledge regarding clinical management of adults with ADHD.
  • Exercise Independent or Supplementary prescribing rights using accepted guidelines and within clients clinical policies and the RPS Prescribing Framework.
  • Ensure that the patient’s interests are fully considered within the context of their care, actively participating in ethical, shared decision making within the multi-disciplinary team approach.
  • Exercise autonomous professional responsibility for decision making within the parameters and expectations of the Titration Team.
  • Undertake risk assessments and review safeguarding needs alongside treatment strategies during ongoing patient care.
  • Utilise up to date knowledge of relevant legislation, national and clients policies and other issues relating to ADHD and patient management.
  • Access regular clinical supervision from an allocated Service Consultant Psychiatrist and within the Titration Team

Applicant requirements:

  • First level registered nurse, allied health professional or medical practitioner
  • Independent & Supplementary Non-Medical Prescribing (V300) qualification or Registered General Medical Practitioner.
  • Relevant experience of ADHD treatment and management, with at least 1 year of previous working knowledge in a specialist ADHD service
  • Ability to work autonomously and effectively manage own case load.
  • Good knowledge of legislation, acts and developments relevant to the field of ADHD services provision

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide support to our Consultant Psychiatrists by taking responsibility, under their direction, for medication initiation and review.
  • Monitor treatment effectiveness and potential side effects and where appropriate initiate prescribing changes within NICE Guidance (NG87), policies and agreed treatment standards.
  • Make independent prescribing decisions in collaboration with the patient and keep the Consultant Psychiatrist informed during the titration process, as required, by keeping contemporaneous records in the electronic clinical record.
  • Use internationally recognised and validated screening and monitoring tools, alongside Services monitoring processes to implement excellent standards of patient care and achieve stabilisation of symptoms and treatment optimisation.
  • Place an emphasis on informed choice within a patient partnership approach, ensuring full information is given to the patient regarding the medications to be prescribed, following RPS Prescribing Framework standards
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ADHD Specialist Independent Prescriber (Adults or CAMHS)

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