CAMHS Family and Systemic Psychotherapist – Band 7/8

CAMHS Professionals are currently recruiting for CAMHS Family and Systemic Psychotherapist Band 7/8 who can work on both a full time and part time basis.

London & Sussex

*Please note: If you are based in another area please do advise as we have other family therapist roles in other locations.

About the position: 
This position will be working within the NHS

This role includes:

  • To provide high quality evidence based family therapy services to children and families
  • To lead on family therapy sessions and clinics within the trust
  • To support systemic supervision within the multi-disciplinary team who are engaged in family / systemic work, such as liaising with social services, community mental health teams etc
  • To provide administrative support to the clinic work as required

Applicant Requirements:

  • UKCP & AFT Accredited
  • NHS experience would be desirable
  • Minimum 2 years CAMHS experience
  • Experience of working in front-line children and young people with common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, to provide systemic assessments and treatment in family therapy for children, adolescents and their families, practising within relevant Codes of Practice and drawing on a range of models and techniques
  • To formulate a range of treatment options based on an appropriate conceptual framework and employing methods based upon evidence e.g. NICE guidelines.
  • To provide systemic psychotherapy as an autonomous clinician, drawing on a range of models and techniques.
  • To practice in a way which is inclusive and considerate of the needs of each individual in the system, their varying developmental stages and current emotional state.
  • Ensuring that consultation, assessment and treatment interventions are provided in partnership with children, adolescents and their families.
  • To exercise autonomous professional responsibility for the assessment (including on-going risk assessment) and treatment of children, young people and their families as appropriate.
  • Responsible for ensuring that referrals and discharges are made in accordance with all the Trust’s relevant policy and procedures and the principles of good practice.
  • To maintain high standards of clinical record keeping and to adhere to policies and procedures as defined by Health and Social Services/Education/Other Statutory Bodies and to adhere to professional ethical standards and codes of practice of the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).
  • To provide comprehensive reports as required.
CAMHS Professionals
CAMHS Family and Systemic Psychotherapist – Band 7/8

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