Community Pharmacist

CAMHS Professionals are currently recruiting for ongoing (part / full time) Hospital/ Clinical Pharmacists on a locum or permanent basis.


About the position: 
You'll be an expert in the field of medicines, understanding how they are used and what their effects are on the human body.
As well as dispensing prescriptions, you'll be involved in the purchasing and quality testing of medicines and in certain cases treatments will need to be tailored to the individual patient.
You'll work with medical & nursing staff to make sure hospital patients receive the very best treatment, advising on the selection, dose & type of administration.

You'll also provide advise patients on their medicines & medications. Although most hospital pharmacists work within NHS & private hospitals, you can also work in GP practices/surgeries/health centres, nursing homes & end of life settings.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Qualifications: A (GPhC)-accredited Degree in Pharmacy
  • Experience: 1+ years working pre-registration training in a hospital pharmacy, which covers key competencies in areas such as medicines and health, personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills.
  • Compliance: Up to date DBS and GPhc registration.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Check prescriptions for any errors, ensuring they're safe for the individual patient
  • Advise on the dosage of medicines and the most appropriate form of medication, which could be by tablet, injection or inhaler etc
  • Participate in ward rounds to take patient drug histories
  •  Work with other medical staff on problems patients may experience with medicines
  •  Discuss treatments with patients' relatives, community pharmacists and GPs
  •  Make sure medicines are securely stored
  •  Supervise the work of less experienced and less qualified staff
  •  Answer questions about medicines from within the hospital and the general public
  •  Stay engaged and up to date with research and development
  •  Implement hospital regulations and provide costs & information on medicines etc
  •  Prepare and quality intravenous medications and help supervise clinical trials
  • Teach/Mentor more junior staff in the clinic/hospital
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Community Pharmacist

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